Farm on Central fruits a wide variety of specialty mushrooms

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Mushroom Crab Cakes

What do we grow?

Mushroom Medley

A mix of our very best mushrooms! Include various Oyster, Lions Mane, Black Pearl, and King mushrooms


A mild flavored mushroom featuring gorgeous, robust clusters. These mushrooms grow super fast!


Fast growing with a meaty texture, this mild mushroom is easy to eat.


One of the more unusual mushrooms - actually looks like a white lions mane- flavor has been compared to seafood. Many medicinal properties including has been said to help strengthen the brain. Check out more about the nutrition here


Relatively fast growing, this brightly colored mushroom is super fun and tasty. it is quite brittle, so expect it to break during transit.

Black Pearl Oyster

A newer cross between a trumpet and oyster, these mushrooms have big, meaty stems that are relatively string free- great for sautéing up or slicing into coins!


Dense clusters of beautiful, dark orange gilled mushrooms with a slightly shaggy cap. The flavor of this mushroom is nutty and the texture is a little crunchy when flash sautéed. Longer cooking softens the stems if they become too mature and you pick them later than expected.